About Jitkorea



Just as analog data was digitized, the process of 2D data becoming 3D is already in progress. Starting as a person figure production company using 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies in 2017, Jitkorea continues to grow rapidly by expanding its product line to figure appreciation plaque, character figures, and character goods. In addition, based on the technology and know-how we have accumulated, we are launching a variety of new products in the market that meet our customers' needs.

Also, based on JITIM Co., LTD., an overseas subsidiary located in Myanmar, it took its first step into the overseas Kidults market such as the United States, Europe, and Japan. We are without complacency with this, and are preparing to enter new businesses using our inherent resources such as building a global platform related to figures and Metabus related businesses.

All members of Jitkorea, along with customers and shareholders, will promise to be the global content leader of the upcoming 3D digital world. Thank you.