Product Information

Person/Animal Figures

Plaque of Appreciation Figures

This figure is popular as a retirement, discharge, promotion, transfer and thank-you gift.

You can make it with various poses, sizes, and job.

Golf Figures

This figure is a precious gift for who achieved lucky records such as hole-in-one and eagle.

You can make it in the pose and size you want, and we can also inscribe your brand logo too.

Family Figures

This figure is a special gift for wedding, childbirth, 60th birthday, etc.

It's also a memorial gift for those who want to remember.

* It can be made in a variety of poses and sizes that fit the purpose.

Pet Figures

Keep your precious and happy memories with your companion and best friend as figures.

We're going to grave every single strand of hair, making the most of your pet’s features and expressions stand out.

Custom Figures

We customize the size, pose, and outfit of the figure as you want.

You can also add accessories and props.